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Buford Road Pharmacy Wholesale Offerings

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond is one of the pioneer pharmacy and drug store. It has brought a complete paradigm shift the way pharmacy business operates in Richmond. Buford road pharmacy believes in providing complete world-class experience to its client. Our motto is to help the patients with the best care possible. Having experience in the field of pharmacy, we have made continuous improvements in optimizing the treatment by way of best business practices and setting high standards.

In Pharmacy business, Buford road pharmacy offers top compounding treatments, anti-aging peptide therapy, anti-aging skin care, bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy, medically proven weight loss techniques, treatment of acne, erectile dysfunction, veterinary compounding, wound care, sermorelin therapy, scar treatment, pre and post-surgical drugs, rehabilitation care, baby care, nutrition, low libido or sexual health issues and much more.


Wholesale Sales

Besides dealing in retail pharmacy store, Buford road pharmacy also sells drugs by way of wholesale offerings. We provide supplies on a wholesale basis directly to doctors, physicians, dentists, medical practitioners, government health departments, government hospitals, private hospitals etc. Buford road pharmacy, Richmond has the widest range of offering for business to business solutions so that the medical professionals can optimize the health of their patients with the help of the wide range of choices.

We have the price catalog for the wholesale offerings which we submit to our client and they can order as and when the drugs are required. The distribution team of the pharmacy helps to distribute the drug as fast as possible. Over a period of time, we have made our distribution channel so much robust which provides delivery quick and efficient.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond aims that the clients can achieve the best results both clinically and in business by way of availability of the products, excellence in operations and a world-class service to the patients. We believe in best patient care by making the fast delivery of the drugs.


Wholesale Procurement

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond deals with almost all the pharmaceutical solutions. We procure branded drugs, generic drugs, vaccination and surgical supplies for wholesale business needs.

Buford road pharmacy procures directly from the manufacturer to make sure that the patient gets the best treatment with the quality drugs from the original supplier. Further, we also pass the advantage of the low price directly to our clients.

Buford road pharmacy aims to supply at the highly competitive price to our clients. For achieving this objective, our team of experts continuously make research for the lowest price with the high-quality drugs so that the drugs become affordable to patients.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond updates its clients with the latest price of the drugs, and the competitive market demand and supply.


We are a bridge

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond works as a bridge between its supplier of the drugs and the clients. We update our doctors with the latest available technologies in surgical equipment, advancements in drug manufacturing, latest drugs available etc. Buford road pharmacy passes all the updates to all the associated medical practitioners.

Further, Buford road pharmacy also takes the suggestion from medical professionals and passes it to the manufacturers in order to provide the best clinical treatment to its patients.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond has the license to deal in wholesale trading of the drugs. It enables us for business to business solutions and business to government solutions.

One of the primary factors which make Buford road pharmacy best in Richmond is that we believe in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations applicable to our industry. Food and drug administration, United States is the regulating body of the industry we belong to. We are updated with the latest updates in our business and also pass the updates to medical professionals and manufacturer of the drugs in order to enable us to provide the best services to all our stakeholders.


We deliver for free:

In the digital era, Buford road pharmacy believes that online medical solutions give the ability to provide the best solution in business to business solutions. We have a robust procurement system on which our clients can order the drugs to us. Upon receiving the order, we shall confirm the same with the client. We make sure that we deliver the drug on the same day or very next day.

Buford road pharmacy is the independently owned pharmacy. We are not a simple pharmacist rather we are the provider of the healthcare needs of our clients. Our pharmacists make sure that the drugs are dispensed to our clients properly with all the safety instructions. Buford road pharmacy also believes in patients support by way of basic drugs education. Unlike the big drug chain stores, being an independent pharmacy we offer comprehensive clinical care to our patients for the best possible health of our patients.

Give us a call at (804) 215-8363, visit our website at, or come into our conveniently accessible at our Richmond location today and speak with one of the highly qualified and professional members of our staff today and let us help you understand how we can help improve your healthcare journey and get you on the way to better health in no time at all.

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