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Buford Road Pharmacy is the best pharmacy in Richmond for all your medical supply. We have a rich history of pharmaceutical evolution and working with the best pharmacist. This ensures that our patients receive the right kind of attention required.

Our deep understanding of pharmaceutical evolution makes us the benchmark in the administration of compounding pharmacy in Richmond. We endeavor to understand your ailment and challenges that you face that prevents you from using the right medication. This is because Buford Road Pharmacy is a great pharmacy that customized drugs administration which is dispensed at very competitive prices. This is to help you manage pain compounding of those chronic ailments. Some of the compounding pains have drugs that managed the discomfort withdrawn from production lines living patients helpless. They can also be ordered and shipped to your desired location within 24 hours from our store in Richmond, Virginia.

At Buford Road Pharmacy, we are your one-stop shop for all medical supplies. Our range of products include

  • AED defibrillators that are offered over the counter which are portable, safe, and easy to use. These are meant for both home and commercial use.
  • Injectibles and biologicals that are offered on a daily use to an array of disease as treatment. These are easily administered at a very low cost depending on the kind of ailment one is suffering from.
  • A variety of gauze swab that is meant for all manner of wound care. Our professional pharmacist will help you identify the right gauze swab include normal gauze swab, paraffin gauze swab for your wounds.
  • High quality, certified gloves. These are of various kinds depending on the use required. They include latex, vinyl gloves that are meant for surgical and other medical care such as dental services. They are of various design, environmental friendly with good ductility and stretchability.
  • Cost effective bulk incontinence that are reliable and designed with precision. The designs are crafted to suit healthcare practitioners, caretakers of incontinence patient and the needs of the incontinences. These are of various types that are either reusable or disposable.
  • Various kinds of needles for surgical operation and health care use. Our wide range covers all form of needles such as surgical, fixed, retrobulbar, AV fistula, biopsy, cardioplegia and the round body needle that is used to separate tissue fibers. All these are of high quality.
  • Hypodermic syringes that meet the specification of FDA. They are well calibrated and safe for use. Our stock varies from disposable, surgical, insulin syringes. These are either plastic or numbered glass which come in either short, wide tube or thin, long tube.
  • 0.9% sodium chloride solution (normal saline) among other IV solutions that are from the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the country. This is sold alongside there complementing equipment such as the IV pumps, stands, catheters and procedure trays.

At Buford Road Pharmacy, we adhere to the strict guidelines that regulate the pharmaceutical industry provided by the FDA. This includes FDA’s’ Compliance Policy Guideline 200 that is specific to the operations of compounding pharmacy. This is to ensure that we are not just an independent pharmacy near you for convenience.

If you have exhausted your current supply, we can renew your prescription as long as you still have refills left on your prescriptions. This can be done by calling us on (804) 272- 1423. Alternatively, you can visit our store or our online platform and request for your refill. You will need to submit your name and prescription number to enable us to process your prescription refill. Not only will we replenish your exhausted supply, we will also provide free home delivery meds to you. If you have exhausted your refills, feel free to visit us at 2608 Buford Rd, Richmond, Virginia 23235 where one of our dedicated pharmacists will help you with your refills.


At Buford Rd Pharmacy, our weight loss program is designed to get you to manage your weight by primarily focusing on your diet and the right kind of exercise. Our team of well-abled professional are enthusiastic about helping you get your weight to the right BMI ratio courtesy of compounding pharmacy effects. We endeavor to figure out the reason that precipitated your weight gain and reserve it to the required levels.


If you are looking for hormone replacement therapy near me and you are at Richmond, Virginia, come down to 2608 Buford Road, Richmond. Our dedicated professional experts will help you get rid of those night sweating and hot flashes that bothers you. Hormonal replacement therapy has the effect of getting you to maintain a youthful skin while managing the effects of menopause that are causing your hot flashes and night sweatings as well as irregular periods, urinary problems, vaginal dryness and thinning hair. It is however important for you to contact your physician especially if you have a history of high blood pressure, migraines, stroke and heart disease.

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