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Buford Road Pharmacy is Best Walk-In Clinic in Richmond

Looking for a walk-in clinic in Richmond? Looking for best clinical treatment? Tired of spending too much time in waiting rooms? Buford road pharmacy is all that you are looking for. Buford road pharmacy has a team of well-versed physicians, pediatricians, dentists and staff nurses who can diagnose and prescribes the treatments. We are equipped with the latest technology machines and equipment to serve our patients well. This makes Buford road pharmacy best walk-in clinic in Richmond.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond provides following treatment in its walk-in clinic:

  • Allergies
  • Wound care and other minor injuries
  • Rashes and skin burns
  • A headache
  • Infections in a sinus, ear, intestine etc.
  • Urinal problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Ringworm
  • Minor illness
  • Injections and vaccinations
  • Screening of Cholesterol
  • Physical health


Buford road pharmacy follows the below steps:

  • Walk-in registration:

Upon the arrival of the patient, one of our front desk executives shall take the details while the patient sits in the waiting area. We also book an appointment over the call in order to save the time of the patient. The patient shall be given a form to fill which is to be submitted to the front desk.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond not only believes in providing best clinical care but also understands the importance of the time of its clients. Our doctors ensure that we don’t run behind the schedule of the patient. Over a period of time, Buford road pharmacy has improved a lot in managing the walk-in patients and resulted in satisfaction of the patients as well as the overall efficiency in operations.

  • Assessment:

Once the initial formalities are completed, our medical assistant shall ask the patient about the overall health of the patient, understands the patients' symptoms, take patients vitals.

Assessment of the patient gives the fair idea to the medical professional in treatment.

  • Treatment:

Now the patient shall report in the examination room. The physician shall evaluate and treats the patient on the basis of the assessment by the assistant. The physician may suggest a further medical examination by way of x-ray or laboratory tests.

A prescription is written by the physical upon completion of the treatment.

  • Discharge instructions:

Discharge instructions shall be given by the medical assistant on the basis of the treatments and prescriptions suggested by the doctor. Patient visits the discharge desk and all the fees are decided. The balance money is settled by a patient.

In case of co-pay, the discharge desk shall verify the insurance and collect the co-pay.


Why are we best?

  • Quality Treatment:

Buford road pharmacy has always believed in providing the best quality clinical treatment to its patients like the professional hospitals. We do not compromise on the treatment at the cost of a long queue of waiting.

  • Queue Management:

Over a period of time, we have evolved in saving times of the patients. We completely avoid repetitive duplication of same activities. We are precise in informing our patient that what is the waiting period running currently. Buford road pharmacy also informs to its patient if there are any changes in waiting time. Our staffs always optimize the treatment by reducing the waiting time.

  • Follow clinical guidelines:

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond adhere all the national clinical guidelines in patient care. This makes us best pharmacy in Richmond.

  • Affordable:

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond is providing affordable pharmaceutical solutions to its patients. We do not compromise on the quality of the treatment at the same time affordable to our patients.

  • Insurance and co-pay:

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond deals with the registered insurer. We accept the insurance and co-pay the same.

  • Prescription refills:

Our patient needs to be registered once for ordering the prescription online. By creating an account, the patient can have the records of all the previous orders and manage the prescriptions. We as well allow our patient to fill the online form or call us directly. Once your order has been received by us, we shall work on dispatching the same as soon as possible.

  • Despatch and deliver:

At Buford road pharmacy, we give options to our patient whether to pick up over the counter or to be delivered at the location of the patient. If the patient chooses to be delivered the drugs at his or her desired location, Buford road pharmacy delivers it without charging anything for the delivery.

  • Locally owned:

Buford road pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy, clinic and wholesale supplier of the medical care products. Being an independent pharmacy of the Richmond, we can serve our patients with the best medical care. We are different from other chain clinics which are costlier to the patients as well as do not provides personal care and attention to the patients.


Buford road pharmacy is best known for its outstanding service, well versed and helpful staff, a friendly and professional team of physicians. Hence, Buford road pharmacy is a best walk-in clinic in Richmond

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