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Veterinary Compounding Medicine

Buford Road Pharmacy understands all your pets’ needs when it comes to medication. If you are a pet owner, pets are close to your heart and seeing them unwell can really be a stressful situation. We offer a solution to your heartache by providing dog-friendly medicine. Compounded drugs for animals involve having medicines in forms, flavors or amounts that would make it easier to treat them.

We work hand in hand with your pet’s veterinary doctor to ensure that our patient gets the best possible care. We remain in constant communication with them as well as their staff to come up with the best-compounded drug to ease their pain. We custom make drugs for each pet depending on what they are most comfortable with. This involves:

  • Adding flavors of food or fruits that the pet loves to the medicine to make it chewable. For example, adding tuna flavor for cats or beef flavor for dogs.
  • Creating a single-dose drug by combining a number of drugs together. A pet might find it hard to take two or more drugs at once so we compound the drugs to make it easier for them to ingest.
  • Matching drug dosage to the pet’s body size. Having a universal dosage for all animals for a condition is not logical as they come in different size and each has unique needs.


Different forms in which we make our medicine include:

Chewable Tablets: compounding drugs into a pet treat that they can enjoy and makes drug administration much easier.

Oral Pastes and Powders: these are mixed with a liquid to make them easy to absorb. They are generally gentle on the stomach as they do not cause any irritation. They can be floured or tasteless.

Transdermal Gel: the gel is applied to the skin especially on the inner surface of the ear. The active drug goes into the bloodstream through the skin. Although it cannot be used to treat all ailments, the method is less invasive as compared to other methods.


Advantages Of Compounded Drugs For Animals:

  • Administering drugs to some animals especially a cat is nearly impossible. This is because of the bitter taste in most medicines and also because animals have a much-advanced sense of smell. Compounding medicine can help in getting rid of this hurdle by providing flavored medicine that appeals to your pet. We can custom make the drug to fit the flavor that they love most whether chicken, beef, banana, strawberry or bacon.
  • Buying pill cutters and having to cut medicine into small sizes or having them take multiple tablets or injections to fit the required dose for your pet can be tasking. At Buford Road Pharmacy, we make it easier by compounding the specifically required dose for your pet. We reduce or add the dosage as well as combine multiple drugs to make one dose.
  • Medication needs to be appropriate for each animal. A dog might swallow a pill but give the same pill to a bird and it won’t be able to swallow. Each animal needs to be given drugs in a form that is best suited for them. Birds can easily ingest medicine when it is presented as a flavored liquid. It is both convenient and simpler.
  • An animal may require a drug that has already been discontinued due to lack of sales. Compounding makes it easy for us to recreate that same drug for the benefit of the animal. If the drug is vital in the pet’s recovery, compounding makes it possible to get the proper care they need.
  • Pets are prone to allergies. Sometimes an ingredient, dye or preservative found in a drug may cause an allergic reaction. This makes it impossible for the pet to get the right treatment. By compounding, we are able to remove the cause of the allergy so that it can be administered to the pet.


There aren’t a lot of medicines out there for animals. Compounding plays a major role in ensuring your beloved pets receive the highest level of care possible. The pet’s ability to take the medicine is dependent on flavor, the form it comes in and the means of delivery. Collaboration among the pet owner, veterinary and a compounding pharmacy allows for the development of a drug that is specific to the needs of the pet. Stop struggling to give your pet medicine. Consult with your veterinary doctor and visit us at Buford Road, Richmond, Virginia and let us help you find the best answer to your challenges.

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