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Transfer Your Prescription Refills To Our Pharmacy

Buford Road Pharmacy prides itself on being the best independent pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia. Our services are top notch and our staffs are professional. We conduct prescription refills for both our patients as well as those that transfer from other pharmacies. We guarantee the best prices and personalized care for each of our patients. We offer a variety of ways to order a refill which include:

Online request: it is easy and convenient to use as one only needs to access the Buford road pharmacy portal and login, request for prescription refills and send.

A physical visit to the pharmacy: this involves talking to one of our staff members and requesting a refill face to face.


Information needed to request a refill includes:

  • The prescription’s name and dosage
  • The desired amount of medication required
  • Your contacts like email or phone number
  • When you will need the prescription for pick up


How do I transfer prescriptions refills from my current pharmacy to Buford Road Pharmacy?

  1. Contact your old pharmacy and let them know that you would like to transfer. Ask to be given the name, prescription number, and dosage of each prescription. This can be done physically by visiting the pharmacy, calling or doing the transfer online is the option is provided.
  2. Visit us at Buford to give us your personal information like your name, any allergies that you might have, phone number, date of birth, recent insurance cards, and address. We will handle the remaining transferring details for you like contacting your physician when refills run out. We also have a home delivery service so you have an option of selecting the option at this stage.
  3. Consult with us as to when you can get your prescriptions. This depends on the number of prescriptions you have but it usually takes one to two days. We recommend calling your physician to share the details of your new pharmacy in case they prescribe a new prescription.


Which prescriptions can’t be transferred?

These are known as schedule II controlled substance medications. They can neither be transferred nor refilled due to a high potential of being abused. They are allowed to be used medically but under extremely strict regulations since if abused it can lead to extreme dependence physically both physically and psychologically. To fill these drugs, you need to get a fresh prescription from your doctor.  Examples are methadone, oxycodone, Adderall, and fentanyl.


Which prescriptions can only be transferred once?

They are known as schedule III, IV, and V. When it comes to these medications, you can only have them transferred once with no consideration to how many refills you are left with. Once you need another transfer you will need a new prescription. These drugs have a lower potential for abuse and a low chance of dependence. Examples include ketamine, anabolic steroids, and testosterone.


Benefits of transferring to Buford Road Pharmacy

  • Our services are fast. Waiting time is to the minimal and prescription is done effectively and at a high speed.
  • We offer personalized services. Our staff is dedicated to understanding your medical needs and catering to them to the best of our ability.
  • We offer free home delivery services to all our patients. This is in consideration for people who have mobility problems. We make it easier for them to get proper medical care.
  • Lower and affordable prices define us. We understand the importance of medical access to all and that’s why we have pocket-friendly prices for our medications.
  • Our reputation precedes us. We have deep roots in Richmond and we are best known for our commitment to people in our community. You can be assured of high-quality services.
  • Buford Road Pharmacy has staff that pays close attention to every detail of patients they are attending to. They are fully aware that their job is vital as a slight mistake can have adverse effects on a patient’s health. They are kind, polite, patient and possess high levels of understanding in their fields of expertise.


If you are looking for professional and personalized medical care, look no further than Buford Road Pharmacy. We ensure on-time prescription refills for a continuation of your medication routine. We urge you to let us know when you are about to run out of your medication so as to give ample time for the pharmacy to contact your physician for a refill. Conditions like blood pressure need to be regulated constantly and missing a day or two of medication could have detrimental effects on one’s health.

Need not to worry; we understand that in order to feel good you need to look good. Hence with a variety of scar treatment options at Buford Pharmacy, we are able to provide the best of options to each individual.

Give us a call at (804) 215-8363, visit our website at, or come into our conveniently accessible at our Richmond location today and speak with one of the highly qualified and professional members of our staff today and let us help you understand how we can help improve your healthcare journey and get you on the way to better health in no time at all.


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