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Tired of those stubborn scars that refuse to go? Then Buford Pharmacy in Richmond Virginia is the best place where you can go. Having scars may affect our confidence or appearance. We at Buford Pharmacy understand how much it is important to look good to feel good, hence with our team of amazing doctors and professionals we make sure that you get the best guidance in your treatment and desirable results.

Scars can be really scary if it refuses to go, it may affect our confidence and ruin the way we look at our life. It may come with accident, surgery, pregnancy, burns, stitches even acne causes scars. We usually try to hide it with clothes, and many other ways. Scar treatment and post-surgery creams can be really helpful in such cases. 


Scar Treatment 

A scar is the natural phenomenon of a healing process; scars are usually caused due to the damage to the tissues of the deeper layers of skins. In order to get rid of scars we first need to have the knowledge of different types of scars. Then only we are able to treat them in the right way. There is different kind of scars such as:

Keloid scars - Such types of scars appear when the skin goes through an aggressive healing phase. The result is a clustered and thick scar that appears darker than the surrounding skin.

Contracture scars- Such type of scarring happens when you are burned. 

Stretch marks- Stretch marks are other types of scars that happen mostly to people who have experienced extreme weight loss 

Hypertrophic scars- Such type of scars are elevated and raised in appearance.

Acne scars –These are the scars caused by severe acne or pimples.


Scar treatment includes many methods such as:

Creams and Gels   

One method is using creams and gels, which when applied on the scar for a particular period of time helps in fading away the scars but one has to be really patient and consistent in this method as it might take a long time.  This method is also known as a topical treatment.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin c is usually said to reduce the dark pigment around the scars. There are different creams and serums available nowadays including vitamin C usually lemons and tomatoes contain vitamin C in them, hence said to be very beneficial in the treatment of the scar.

Skin Grafting 

Skin grafting is another method, it is a surgical process performed by educated and experienced surgeons. In this treatment, the surgeons remove the scars by pealing of the skin from other body parts. It is a popular treatment to treat the skin affected by burns or acid. The people going for the surgical treatment may require special attention and need to be patient as it may require time to heal.



It is another treatment which is very useful in removing acne scars but it may sound, a quite scary as it requires removing the top layer of the skin. The patient requires anesthesia as it involves removing scar from deeper layers of skin. In this treatment, the doctor may need to peel away the top layer of the skin.

Laser treatment 

It is another treatment which is very useful in removing the scars that come with age, such as wrinkles, sun damaged skins, aging skin. Although it may include side effects such as redness, superficial acne, burns etc. But one of the major advantages of laser treatment is that it may provide immediate results.

Punch Technique

It is another technique to remove scars in which the doctor uses a tool called punch tool which is used to remove scars


Some people may not respond well to the surgeries or another treatment that’s Is the reason many doctors advise the usage of drugs or steroid to treat the scars.

Post Delivery Creams

These creams can be really useful in order to remove any stretch marks or scars caused due to delivery. Usually delivery causes stretch marks and using these creams might help in reducing them. Nowadays, oils are also available in order to treat the stretchmark’s caused due to delivery.

Your skin is a vital organ of your body, which helps in protecting the other organs by forming a shield; hence you need to be really aware before applying or using any of the treatments. You have to be really careful about choosing the safest and appropriate option.

Compounding is another way of treating scars in which products used to treat the scars are made according to the specific individual. With the help of compounding, we are able to eliminate any product that may affect the patient negatively. Compounding is an art that has grown massively nowadays. Compounding helps in producing the product specifically for the individual. We at Buford Pharmacy understand that every individual is unique and may react differently to different products; hence with compounding, we are able to produce compounds for that particular individual.

Need not to worry; we understand that in order to feel good you need to look good. Hence with a variety of scar treatment options at Buford Pharmacy, we are able to provide the best of options to each individual.

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