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Routine Vaccine Administration

A disease is one of the words we are most afraid of. Getting a disease is like a nightmare. No one wants to be diagnosed with a disease. In order to maintain a disease-free life, we need to have a routine vaccine administration. 

 As we all have heard “prevention is better than cure" that’s why preventing any disease requires the administration of the vaccine. At Buford Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia we provide the best healthcare, with routine vaccine administrations.

People with the weak immune system should be very sincere in taking the routine vaccine; otherwise, any harmful disease can be fatal for them. Kids, babies and old persons are some of the peoples who require a regular administration of the vaccine. We at Buford Pharmacy provide a number of vaccines, some of the vaccines that we provide are: 



Pneumonia is a disease which targets the air sacs of the lungs commonly called alveoli. The main symptoms of pneumonia are chest pain, fever, dry cough etc. Pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria. If not treated effectively it may also lead to chronic diseases like asthma. In babies, if diagnosed with pneumonia it may lead to serious problems as well. A vaccine is the best preventive measure for pneumonia.


The basic symptoms of the flu are sneezing, cold or a little fever. Although, common cold and flu can be misinterpreted, a common cold is usually a simple throat infection which may go after a day or two but with flu, it might take you from days to a week. In other cases, poorly, treated flu may also lead to pneumonia. Hence one should be really careful. As flu is seasonal and can affect anybody; one should take the routine vaccination. The common vaccine for flu should be taken every year.


One might not want this painful disease to affect anyone. This is a disease which causes painful blisters or rashes. It is a disease which usually affects the people around the age of 70 years. So, if one doesn’t want to pass their old age in pain it is better to take that shingles vaccine.


If you have ever bitten by any animal you should better take a vaccine or medication as fast as you can. The symptoms include fear of water, anxiety, unconsciousness, and other weird symptoms.



If one doesn’t want that fever, irritating rashes on their skin, better take an MMR vaccine basically stand for measles, mumps, and rubella. It is given around the age of 1-2 years and the second dose around the age of 4- 5 years. Rubella affecting pregnant women can cause miscarriage as well. Hence it is very important to take the vaccine for MMR.


Hepatitis is a very dangerous disease. There are different types of hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Hepatitis A is usually caused by physical contact while Hepatitis B is caused by sexual contact or blood transfusion. Hepatitis is a disease which causes the inflammation of the liver, extreme cases may include liver failure. Hepatitis B is a chronic disease hence might require extreme health and care, but with the vaccine, the extremities require to treat the disease could be kept at bay.


Meningitis is one of the diseases causing the inflammation of the brain; it is usually caused due to the viruses or bacteria. The symptoms might include a headache, fever, altered consciousness, drowsiness, etc. Since no one wants anything affecting one's brain it is best to take the vaccine for meningitis.

 Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis  

So, this disease is caused by the bacteria and can cause severe health implications.

Tetanus may cause, stiffening of the muscle and lock in the jaw. The main symptoms of diphtheria are whooping cough and fever.

There are various vaccines available: such as Tdap, DTaP, Td, Td vaccine booster, each of the vaccine has their own significance.


Polio is one of the harmful diseases which has caused very serious outbreak around the 1950's among the children. Although with the regular use of vaccines since birth, Polio is now under control. Although, one should not deny taking the vaccine. The polio is caused by poliovirus. The poliovirus can cause paralysis, impaired reflexes, severe spasms and muscle pain, deformed limbs, hips, and ankles. It is affected more common to the children under the age of 5 years. Hence it is very important for the vaccines. The vaccine is usually given first at 0-2 months, next in 4 months, 6 months and then the last dose is given at the age of 4- 6 years.  


Getting routine vaccine may also encounter with a little fever, it is an indication that our body is fighting with the weakened pathogen injected into our body in the form vaccines. Vaccine help prepares the body to fight the infection if an actual encounter by the same pathogen takes place. Taking vaccines is really important.  

We at Buford Pharmacy provide all the vaccines that are essential for one's body to keep all the dangerous and life-threatening diseases at bay. With the advanced techniques and medicine, we promise to provide assured health care.

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Keep all the diseases away, with routine vaccine administration.

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