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Point Of Care Testing

Nowadays, diabetes, cholesterol have become common problems. Almost everyone out there is suffering from it. Routine testing to check the cholesterol and diabetes is really important. But going to the hospital daily can be a really tiresome as well as a time-consuming task. That’s why at Buford Pharmacy in Richmond, we provide Point of Care Testing.


What is the point of care testing?  

Point-of-care testing also known as bedside testing, which aims at providing the testing at or near the patient. Earlier whenever we used to visit a physician, there were cases when the physician usually asked us to take different blood tests samples. And in order to take the blood tests, we used to go to laboratories and wait for another day for the tests, and everything was done in a slow process but now with point -of-care testing, things have become easier. As with this testing, doctors are able to tests the blood samples then and there only, at the site of the patient.  

So basically, the advancement of technology has helped a lot in developing the devices which have helped to get the results at a very instant. Without technology, this wouldn’t have been possible. With the invention of such devices, life has become easier.  

Many people nowadays are suffering from diabetes, cholesterol, higher blood glucose, blood pressure; it becomes necessary to keep all this under control. Visiting doctors regularly can be a very tiring and cumbersome task but with point–of-care testing, it has become possible to check the blood glucose, cholesterol level at home only.



The first benefit of point-of -care testing is that patients don’t have to wait for days or hours to get a result; with point-of-care testing it is possible to get the results then and there only. 

 The other benefit of the point-of-care testing is that the devices used in point-of-care testing is easily handed able and are easily portable.

 Precaution to be taken  

Although the point-of-care testing sounds to be very a fancy and one of the solutions to all the problems but one need to take care that the results that are obtained from the point-of-care testing would not be that efficient as compared to that of laboratory testing.  

Laboratory testing might give you a whole picture of everything regarding the testing, but with the point of care testing, you just get concise results and not everything that you might need to know. 

 We all should understand that point-of-care testing is one of the major advancement in area of medicine, but with that one should not completely deny the fact that the major reason for this to be in trend is to save time and immediate patient care, but to get more efficient and accurate results one need to rely on the laboratory results.  

We at Buford Pharmacy provide all the care and efficiency that a patient requires for the Point of Care Testing. With the advanced devices, we make sure that you get the accurate results.  

We at Buford Pharmacy provide the point-of-care testing for Blood glucose, A1C, and cholesterol levels.


Blood Glucose 

 Blood glucose level is checked to determine whether the patient is suffering from diabetes mellitus or not. With the point-of-care testing, it becomes possible for the patient to get the immediate results. In some cases where the patient requires a change in the insulin drip may require knowing the results at the very instant. With the laboratory testing, getting to know the insulin drip at the very instant is not possible it is where point-of-care testing comes to the rescue.


Cholesterol requires testing the high-density lipid protein, triglycerides, which is possible with Point-of-care testing. Coronary heart disease is a major problem with the world nowadays. And hence with the point-of-care testing, it is possible to get the results very easily and provide the patients care with utmost accuracy.

 A1 C 

 A1C is a test to check diabetes in patients; a research says almost 250 million people suffer from diabetes in the world. With this advanced technology of Point-of-care testing, it is possible to provide the patient with immediate results helping them to avoid an extra visit to the clinic. 

 We at Buford Pharmacy ensure to provide a better treatment and fewer visits to the doctor with the help of Point of Care Testing. We have well qualified professional, to provide an accurate and efficient testing.  

We at Buford Pharmacy promise you to provide a better health care.

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