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Medical Weight Loss

Planning to reduce those bulges, stubborn fat that denies going no matter your constant hard work, long journeys to the gym then Buford Road Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia is the best place where you can go.

Medical weight loss doesn’t target any surgery or pills instead it tries to find out the root cause of the weight gain. The primary aim for any weight loss program is managing diet, providing a nutritional diet with appropriate dietary fibers, protein, calcium, vitamins along with the adequate amount of exercise, and Buford Pharmacy specialize in providing, experts in every field with the guidance and support of professionals as well as retired doctors. We try to find the root cause behind obesity , usually the BMI (Body mass index) is calculated and accordingly different Dietary plans are given.  We as a group of professional, pharmacists and retired doctors provide excellent service with the benefits of compounding pharmacy.


Compound Pharmacy

The compounding pharmacy is an art that is growing larger in the global market, which focuses providing medicines or drugs making sure that it suits particularly to the patient, that usually is not met by the commercially available drugs. We as a group of quality doctors and pharmacists understand that each human body is different and unique, hence the drugs are specially made keeping the same in mind. The main reason people are attracted towards compounding pharmacy is that it meets the needs of the specific person. Compounding pharmacy make sure what the patient needs, helping him or her to eliminate any ingredient in the drug that is harmful or allergic to the patient. There are cases where the patient may deny taking certain drug due to its taste, but compounding can come to rescue as it helps in adding different color and flavor. There are some medicines which are made in the form of tablets, and patients with swallowing difficulty may encounter some serious problem but through compounding, we as a group of well-trained pharmacists are able to produce a drug that is specific to the individual and not as a whole. It may also help in cases where the drug has stopped producing or is limited.


Compounding Pharmacy

It involves compounding drugs in a very clean environment. There is some medication which needs to be made under very clean environment even a little negligence can provide the negative effect, such as making drugs that are used for the eye.




Compounding For Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant feeling that no one wants to feel. Struggling with chronic pain such as a migraine, arthritis, headaches and muscle pain is not an easy task. Compounding is a very good option for pain management, every person is unique having the different physique, pain tolerance and hence through compounding, we can meet the best pain compound tailored specifically for the patients.

Our main motto is to meet the specific need of the patient. Moreover, compound pharmacy provides a new scope to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is government verified treatment gone by females during their menopause.  Progesterone and estrogen are hormones produced each month in females but as they reach the age of 45- 50 these hormones secretion starts to decrease. During this phase, women go through a lot of changes such as sweating, hot flashes. Hence a therapy such as a hormone replacement can be quite useful, in which hormones are administered artificially using pills, tablets. It is also said to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Hormone replacement therapy, is inclining towards the sector of compounding as the needs of each woman is unique and specific and require the different composition of drugs, and hence a group of well-qualified doctors in Buford Pharmacy in Virginia helps in attending to the problems of each woman.

If you regularly take those medications, then running out on them can be serious problem Prescription refills is easy in Buford Pharmacy Virginia, all you need to fill the form and the representative will get in touch with you.

We ensure a great collaboration between the physician and patient, so that the physician can understand the requirement of the patient. We believe in service before self. Our commitment to our patients and physicians is always our priority. We hope you will allow us to help you to help your patients.

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