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MED-SYNC program

Buford Road pharmacy located in Richmond Virginia, USA, offer MED SYNC program to our patients to eradicate the stress and hassle that comes with prescriptions refills.

By enrolling in the Medication Synchronization (MED-SYNC) program, you would get to receive your prescriptions refills within a single day in a month or send it to you at the comfort of your home. Consequently, improve your health, as well get to communicate health-related issues with a pharmacist during pick up appointments.

Buford Road Pharmacy, the leading compounding pharmacy that offers MED-SYNC program among other range of services such as; Medical Weight Loss, Erectile Dysfunction, pain compounds, hormone replacement therapy, (so search no longer for “hormone replace therapy near me”), Acne Treatment, Wound Care, best prescription refills, and anti-ageing skin care.


What is MED-SYNC program?

MED-SYNC program is the abbreviation for medication synchronization, and it is defined as the process of refilling prescriptions for patients without making a trip to the pharmacy. So in one single trip in a month you can get your prescriptions refills.


How can I enroll for the MED-SYNC?

As an independent pharmacy near you, we offer MED-SYNC program to ensure the overall health of our customers also provides a welcoming atmosphere for patients. You can enroll with us and rest easy at night knowing that we’ve got you covered.

In what circumstances can enrollment into MED-SYNC program be necessary?

MED-SYNC is great for you if you have two or more prescriptions that needs refilling at different times, also good if you have a person in your care that has several medications prescription to refill. And you do not really have a bit of choice than to enroll for MED-SYNC if you have too many people living in your household with medication prescriptions that will possibly due at different times.

How does it work?

Among other services, we tell our customers of their prescriptions refills for a pick up via text, email or call once it is ready. And we can deliver the prescription refills at your convenience and comfort of your home completely free for we offer free home delivery meds.


Benefits of enrolling into the MED-SYNC program

It is simple and convenient: Enrollment into the MED-SYNC program eradicates the worries or stress of getting prescription refills. So now you can make your travel arrangement with rest of mind that you would get your medications in due time, also be able to engage other things, ordinarily, it won’t have been possible if you keep making those trips to the pharmacy.

To track your health: you can get to have a conversation with us about your health or your loved one or family’s health because, we are well able to track your medications with medications synchronizations (MED-SYNC), consequently, track your health, and the health of your loved ones, as well offer necessary counsel where deem necessary. And because we know that much of customer’s health through the synchronization of customer’s medications, they can consult us for any important issue relating to them or their loved one’s health.

It meets immediate need: MED-SYNC allows you to get your prescription refills in time to meet doctor’s prescription of drugs. Moreover, your use of medications become more effective when you take them as prescribed.

It helps monitor your use of the medications: Synchronization medications shows when a patient is not taking prescriptions as he or she suppose to because, they do not follow or make any attempt to receive their refill on schedule or perhaps they are out of sync, thus, provides better information to doctors on patient’s medications.

Adherence to medications: MED-SYNC allows diabetic patients, hypertensive individuals, and people with cardiovascular diseases adhere to their medications effectively, because, MED-SYNC remove the difficulty involved in making multiple trips to the pharmacy. Consequently, improve their health.

The Buford road pharmacy is the best pharmacy in the city of Virginia, USA more so because of our track record as the leading compounding pharmacy, not to mention, our heart desire to see everyone hale and hearty. Among other services, we offer include pain compounds, hormone replacement therapy, prescription refills, medical weight loss, and erectile dysfunction. We also offer MED-SYNC program at the convenience and comfort of our customers so to eradicate the hassle of series of trips to the pharmacy. Don’t waste anymore time in enrolling for MED-SYNC program with Buford road pharmacy, located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, and you can dial this number (804) 272-1423, or mail us for further details.

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