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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Buford Road Pharmacy is home to all your hormone replacement therapy needs. We are located at Buford Road, Richmond, Virginia. We conduct hormone replacement therapy by adding hormones into a patient’s body. This is necessary when hormones are lower than the required number or as a means to substitute other natural hormones.

Our services are characterized by specialized, professional one on one consultation with our highly qualified practitioners. Before treatment we take into account factors like age, personal preferences as well as your medical history. These details enable our team to work out a treatment that is best suited for your needs.


Forms Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Androgen/Testosterone Replacement Therapy: as men advance in age, their testosterone levels decline which leads to undesirable conditions like low energy levels, decreased sex drive, depression, hair loss or  decreased muscle mass. The condition by which the testicles are unable to produce sufficient testosterone is referred to as hypogonadism. It mainly occurs if there is a problem with the testicles or its controlling glad, the pituitary gland. Hormone replacement therapy can help restore normal body functions and eliminate the effects of low testosterone levels. We provide you with various forms varying from skin patches to gels to injections and implants.


  • High energy levels, increased sex drive, better moods, increased bone and muscle mass as well as decreased hair loss.
  • Hormones are natural and therefore when added to the body, they cause minimal or no side effects. This is a safe and effective way of improving testosterone levels in the body.
  • When testosterone levels drop, they create an imbalance of hormones in the body. This can lead to serious medical conditions. Increasing the levels ensures that all hormones are balanced and functioning as expected.
  • Helps the body fight the abnormal hastening of aging. It provides a chance for one to age gracefully.


Menopausal hormone therapy: menopause symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and disturbed sleep can disrupt an aging woman’s life. These symptoms are brought about by a decrease in estrogen levels in the body when a lady reaches ages between 45-55. We recommend menopausal hormone therapy as the best suited approach to dealing with this condition. It involves the use of estrogen pill, patch, topical estrogen and vaginal estrogen to increase the levels of estrogen in the body.


  • Improves sleep, better vaginal conditions and enhanced quality of life. A woman is able to enjoy her life regardless of the aging factor by not having to experience hitches like disturbed sleep and hot flashes.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis. This is a condition whereby the bones are weakened to a point where they are susceptible to fracture. Estrogen is highly involved in bone health as it stimulates the activity of osteoblasts. These are the cells responsible for bone production. Elevating the amount of estrogen during menopause ensures bone production is not interfered with.
  • This is an FDA approved method of containing menopausal symptoms. We can guarantee that it is safe and effective.


Transgender/transsexual hormone therapy: sometimes people find themselves identifying with a different gender than the one they are biologically. This therapy is designed to help in smooth physical transition for transgender individuals. Hormones control the growth of body fat, reproductive organs, hair and breasts. It is classified into two;

Masculine transitioning: refers to persons who is born female but identifies with the male gender. Masculine transitioning increases testosterone level and depresses the levels. This causes changes in voice as it may deepen, fat distribution is redirected to areas like the thighs, hips and legs and an increase in body hair which might lead to growing of a beard.

Feminine transitioning: denotes people born male but identify more with the female gender. Feminine transition increases the estrogen hormone while suppressing the testosterone hormone in the body. Estrogen is responsible for all the feminine characteristics in women like presence of breast, reproduction and body fat distribution.


  • An individual gets to live a life in a gender that they are most comfortable in. This leads to a more peaceful, happy and fulfilled life.
  • The changes achieved like growth of breast in transgender females and deepening of voice in transgender men are permanent.


Buford Road Pharmacy offers the above mentioned hormone replacement therapies. We monitor each patient’s progress by ensuring that they are responding well to the treatment through proper absorption of the hormone to the body system. Our specialists are able to identify any health complications that may arise early on and recommend adjusting or increasing of medication to achieve effective results. We are dedicated towards achieving the best for each and every patient.

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