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Grow Eyelashes Naturally with Latanoprost

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As a human, one is always concerned about his/her beauty and grooming. The perfect eyelash is part of an individual's personality. An eyelash improves the beauty of a person. The discovery of the science has also shown some techniques on how to grow eyelashes full, dark and long.

The drug which is used for the growth of the eyelashes is Latanoprost. It is used for various purposes such as to reduce the pressure in eye, open glaucoma. However, the primary use is to grow eyelashes naturally. Latanoprost is the liquid ophthalmic solution applied as an eye drop.


Visit Your Doctor

At first, consult your doctor about your eyelashes and glaucoma, since latanoprost is not directly being sold as a solution to grow your eyelashes. The expert shall advise on the application of the solution and possible complications and side effects attached to it.


Prescription Rx

After the diagnosis of the eyes of the patient, the doctor shall prescribe the best medication that suits the patient in case. And Buford Road Pharmacy, being the medical service provider, provides all the suggested medications by the doctor.

To operate a pharmacy in the USA, compliance with laws and regulations is mandatory. Buford Road Pharmacy, Richmond only sells FDA USA Food and Drugs Administration United States approved drugs. Strict compliance with the state and country law makes us the best pharmacy of Richmond.

Now, let us understand the uses and side effects of applying latanoprost in detail;


  • To help in growing eyelashes.
  • To reduce vellus hairs
  • Glaucoma correction – Plus or Minus

Latanoprost became popular over a period of time for the growth of eyelashes. However, there are some other products also available in the market for enhancement of eyelashes such as prostaglandin or prostamides.


Side effects of using Latanoprost

The patient must understand the uses and side effects with the doctor before applying the solution. Some of the common side effects are explained below;

  • Irritation in eye
  • Pain in eye
  • Increase in the iris pigments
  • Corneal Damage
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Unclear vision
  • Keratitis

In some cases because of the overgrowth of the eyelashes, more hair grows on the eyelid and results in more irritation. The effect of result from this drug on growing eyelashes differs from person to person since properties of the eye and body are unique for each individual.

Patients of Buford Road Pharmacy does not need to be worried about the licence of the products since it procures only from the approved vendor who follows the rules under Food and Drug Administration, United States. Buford Road Pharmacy advises and sells the medication only and only if it is prescribed by the medical practitioner.

Buford road pharmacy, Richmond also refills the existing prescription for the continuing treatment. Our patients need to call, e-mail or just fill the form available on the website.


Buford Road Pharmacy Delivers the Medication

As per the order of the patient and customers, Buford road pharmacy, Richmond delivers the drugs as per prescription at the doorstep of the customers. The customer needs to confirm whether he or she will pick-up or wants the medicines to be delivered to the desired location. The delivery of medication is completely FREE without any charges.

Buford Road Pharmacy, Richmond is the independent pharmacy near you to approach all medical needs of our customers. It is a one-stop solution for all your medical need while you are in Richmond. Being an independent pharmacy, Buford road pharmacy has its own advantages. The drug store chains need to follow all the instruction and it functions as a robotic solution without understanding the exact customer need. However, Buford road pharmacy has a privilege to make the decision to serve the extended needs of its patients.

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