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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction also known as impotence, is a problem to many of the male out there, if you are one of them who’s not able to have that satisfactory sexual life then Buford Road Pharmacy in Richmond Virginia is the best place where you can easily go without feeling any pressure, shame or embarrassment. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction, because of which males are not able to maintain or produce an erected penis during a sexual intercourse.  Even after persistent efforts, if there is a problem in the erection, it’s advisable to consult a physician. One should not be ashamed as it is quite normal, and our doctors in Virginia will help in reaching out each problem efficiently and accurately. Almost 40 percent of males around the age of 40 suffer from erection problem. Around the world more and more men are treating their problem regarding erection which has shown a great advancement in the area ranging from advanced drugs, exercise, surgeries as well as the compounding pharmacy.

Men may not achieve an erection every time they are involved in coitus, but if it happens regularly then treatment should not be avoided. There are many cases which may cause difficulty in erection ranging from stress and anxiety to dangerous causes which should not be neglected. Although the main causes are medical, it can be psychological as well.


Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Usually, systems like blood flow, nervous system, and the endocrine system play a very important role in erectile dysfunction. Main causes behind it are heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, narrowing of blood vessels, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease and radiation exposure to the pelvic region. Intake of a large amount of alcohol, cancer drugs, and diuretics, opioid are some other causes. There are people who have erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons such as fear of intimacy, depression, anxiety, stress, and guilt. Reading all these might sound scary because symptoms such as diabetes and cholesterol are some of the common problems faced by most of the humans nowadays, but we need not worry as there are many treatments that are carried out on daily basis to combat erectile dysfunction and most men will find a solution for it, and our team of professional doctors in Virginia makes sure that you go through a very comfortable treatment without any worry or distress.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There are drugs which men can take such as vardenafil, tadalafil, avanafil. The most common among the drugs is a pill named Viagra which is blue in color and is usually taken 30 to 60 minutes before to that of coitus. Prescription refills are very common in our pharmacy where you just have to contact out our pharmacy or fill out a form and your prescription will be refilled.

Surgical treatments are other methods such as Penile implants, vascular surgery which may be opted by some males.

Exercise can be helpful in maintaining an erection. Exercises have said to improve the erectile dysfunction and are one of the best ways of treating it without the use of drugs. Exercises like strengthening once pelvic muscles, aerobic exercises, even a brisk walk will help a lot.

Quitting the intake of alcohol, tobacco as well smoking can be helpful.


The compounding pharmacy has also helped a lot of people concerning erectile dysfunction, as there are people who don’t respond well to oral pills such as Viagra, and some others are not ready to undergo surgeries in such cases compounding can be quite necessary and useful. Compounding is an art which has grown a lot in the recent global market. It focuses on producing drugs that are specific to the individual.

There are patients who are allergic, to some drugs or may not respond to certain medications, compounding is best in those cases. One of the benefits of compounding is that the drugs are prepared by the pharmacist according to needs of the patients, as every person is unique.

One of the major advantages of the compounding pharmacy is that we can take the drug and make it work better for the patient. Buford road pharmacy compounding will make sure in assisting each need with the best compounding.

One should keep in mind that even the greatest actor can’t fake an erection, hence throw your embarrassment away. You deserve to have an erection when you want; Buford Pharmacy is the right place to solve each of your problems!

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