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Compounding is an age-old process which has grown tremendously in the latest years. We at Buford pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia provide a range of compounding products to make your life easier and the entire medicines and drugs user-friendly. Isn’t it is amazing to get medicines that are made specifically keeping your taste in mind, compounding is same as if someone is preparing food especially for you?

What is compounding?  

Compounding is basically the process in which the drugs are produced specifically for the patients. Earlier we used to get drugs that are made for the whole market users neglecting the fact that the same drugs might be harmful for particular users because of its ingredients or composition, but by using compounding the medicine and drugs are made according to the ingredients and the specific components that the patient’s needs.

Importance of compounding:

It is very helpful for those patients having the certain allergy to specific ingredients hence by knowing the allergen that may affect the patient the professional pharmacists in Buford Pharmacy can prepare drugs which are completely patient friendly.

It is hard to make the children get the medicines into their system; the one thing that the children always complain about is the bad taste of the medicine, that’s why at Buford Pharmacy with the help of compounding we can make tablets with different flavors and taste.


There are times when a particular dosage has a large amount of strength. But with compounding, we can alter the amount of dosage. It is also very useful when the medication is not available in the market, or when the same drugs are required in a different state like tablets or solution, compounding is very helpful in combating every problem.


Compounding is more effective as they are made keeping the need of patients in mind rather than making the drugs for the whole market of users.


We at Buford Pharmacy provide a range of compounded products ranging from creams, ointment, gels, Solutions, Suspensions, and suppositories.


Compounded suppositories

Many have no idea what a suppository is, so basically, a suppository is a drug that is inserted into the body through the vagina or inserted rectally. A suppository is a solid form which is easily dissolved or melted down when inserted inside the body.

The major benefits of using Suppository are:

  1.    So, there are many patients having swallowing disability hence with the use of suppository it is easier for them for the medication to be inserted through the vagina.
  2.    Some people have a tendency of vomiting while taking medicine; hence suppository also plays a very great role in the life of those patients.
  3.    Apart from that, there are patients who might have a different problem like acidity; the suppository is also a very good option for their cases as well.


At Buford Pharmacy we make sure to provide the best-compounded suppository to make your life better.


Compounded suspensions

There are certain drugs which are insoluble hence they need to be formulated in the form of tablets or suspension to get it into the body. Although since some patients have the difficulty of swallowing, the suspension can be beneficial to them as they are liquid in nature they can easily be taken by the patients. These are specially given to the children. Apart from that using suspension, we can change different flavors as well as the taste of the drugs making it favorable for the children to consume.


Compounded creams, ointments and gels

Compounded creams and gels are used to reduce the pain in any joints or muscle pain. These compounded creams also help in reducing the pain caused due to arthritis, and the pain caused due to other conditions. Since the creams and gels are produced through the process of compounding the particulars of a patient are kept in mind.


We know that compounding is one of the important sectors in the global market; we at Buford Pharmacy provide the best-compounded products in town. We know that every person is unique in its own way, hence treating them in the same way and with the same medication can lead to different problems, and hence at Buford Pharmacy, we treat every person with their uniqueness.


We are a group of professional doctors and pharmacists who work in close collaboration with each other in producing the medication that you need. We understand your problems and with compounded products, one can trust us in the best way.


We also provide other benefits like prescription refills; hence you will never be short of any medication. One can always give us a call for any guidelines and inquiries.   Welcome at Buford Pharmacy for the kind of treatment that you want.

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