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Benefits of Compounding

Buford road pharmacy is at the top of the list of the best compounding pharmacy in Virginia. Located at Buford road, Richmond, our team of specialists’ guarantees personalized treatment and care. Our main aim is to offer the best treatment tailor made for each individual to ensure maximum efficiency in treatment.

Pharmaceutical compounding involves creating of medicine that cannot be found commercially. This medicine is designed to have a specific result for an individual depending on the severity of the disease, body considerations like size and mass and whether or not the patient has an allergy to some ingredients so that it can be removed and replaced with another that isn’t reactive.


What are the reasons behind a patient’s prescription to compounded medicine?

  • A patient may be unable to take medicine in its marketable form like swallowing a pill. A qualified pharmacist will convert it into a form e.g. liquid, cream of an injection that can be easily administered to the patient.
  • Medicine sometimes may be discontinued from production if it proves to be non-profitable to manufacture. A patient’s dose may require that medicine and so it is compounded.
  • Allergic reactions to certain components of a drug like the dye or preservatives often prompt compounding to provide a safer drug for the patients.
  • To increase or decrease dosage to fit a patient’s needs. Commercially available drugs might have a drug that has too much dosage for a child or too little for an adult. Compounding will be used to ensure that the right dose is achieved for each patient.
  • To add flavor to medicine so as to make it much more edible. This is mostly done for children to encourage them to take medicine.

At Buford road pharmacy, we are governed by a strong sense of ethics to ensure that each compounding medicine we create is in compliance with the states boards of pharmacy regulations in section 503A. The United States pharmacopeial convention is involved in developing standards to ensure purity of the medicines, quality and strength meant to be incorporated in compounding. We are very particular to ensure we meet all the required standards in the industry of pharmaceutical compounding.


Personalized Treatment:  Our qualified specialist’s offers one on one treatment as they get to understand the patient’s needs, medical history which involves drugs they have used and are currently using, allergies as well as their present medical condition. This provides the specialist with unique insight on what the patients’ needs and what medicine or combination of drugs and dosage will be best suited for them. We help you come up with a functional and unique treatment plan to ensure proper management of the condition.

Access to Discontinued Medicine: drug manufacturing companies sometimes discontinue production of a certain drug without considering that there are people who depend on it to manage their health conditions. At Buford Road Pharmacy, we recreate these drugs by combining the ingredients used in the drug so as to ensure the patient gets the care they require. We are equipped with top quality ingredients that ensure effectiveness of the drugs we compound.

No More Generalized Dosage: having a standard dose for all is not practical as some patients may require higher while other require lower doses. Compounding makes it easy for a patient to be treated with a dosage made specific to deal with their condition. This ensures effectiveness and efficiency of drugs in relation to the patient’s compliance.

Allergy Friendly Medication: people respond differently to ingredients in medicine. While others have to problem with any drugs, others have their life threatened due to allergic reactions. This makes it hard for them to get the proper type of treatment they require. Dyes, gluten and lactose are incorporated in many drugs which some people are allergic to.  Compounding creates a chance to create a formula that excludes every ingredient that the patient reacts negatively to thus enabling them to get proper treatment.

Multiple Medications Reduced: a person managing an ailment will have multiple drugs that they will need to take several times a day for a specified number of days. Sometimes they can forget to take one or two medicines or even find taking so many drugs tiresome. We offer a solution by combining all the drugs into one dose such that you take one drug several times a day for a few days. This reduces the chances of forgetting to medicate.

We love to make our patients’ life easier by developing personalized treatment plans to ease their pain and cure illness. Compounding is evolving as we find new and better ways to help you manage your condition.

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